Wednesday, 21 May 2014

America a laughing stock


The news that the Americans accused the Chinese of cyber espionage and wanted five Chinese soldiers arresting was a jaw-dropper. The country who have done more than any other to bug, surveil and invade the privacy of citizens of the world, have the brass neck to accuse another rival of doing the same! Wow. Just how thick-skinned/arrogant/stupid are these people? 

A spokesbod presented with the matter of hypocrisy tried to brush it off with the claim that the Chinese were bugging businesses for financial gain. Doh! That is what the yanks have been doing for years. Snowden confirmed that NSA bugged Brazil’s biggest oil company in order to help USA oil giants. If it was not so serious, it would be funny.

Meanwhile back in complacent Britain there are gathering clouds over the supervision and oversight of our spooks. Court cases and semi-supine MPs will put a degree of pressure on our otherwise bombproof* eavesdroppers. Unfortunately the technology is far ahead of anything our political class can cope with

* Bombproof and similar words such as 'fuse'  'blast' and 'explosive' trigger GCHQ's search and record systems. 
So dear GCHQ worker reading this, are you happy in your work? Have you ever thought about becoming a whistleblower and revealing what it is like to earn your wages sneaking on your fellow citizens?
Have you ever watched 'The Lives of Others' - the brilliant film about the Stasi? 

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