Monday, 26 May 2014

UKIP Earthquake or Tremor update

A glaring omission from the reams of hyperbolic commentary and cataclysmic Cassandras pontificating away on the media was a simple fact.

The turnout in the EU election was lower than that of the Council elections held on the same day. It was 2% down from 36% to 34%. Barely a third of the electorate could be bothered to vote. 

UKIP ‘won’ the election with 27.5% of votes cast. They ‘won’ with 8.75% of the electorate voting for them. Now that is a disgrace and a concern for the future. 

Labour came second with 25.4% of votes cast - again barely 8% of the electorate voted for them. The Tories had marginally less.

Add all the Rag Tag and Bobtail anti-EU parties blossoming on ballot sheets across the nation and the anti-EU alliance raised almost 5 million supporters. That sounds a lot until the total number of electors in the UK is considered = 47 million. One ninth voted UKIP and associated anti’s. 

Over 31 million did not vote. 

Eat your heart out Emily Pankhurst. 

Roll in your grave Keir Hardy.

Rub your hands with glee you bankers, wankers and hedge fund tankers. 

And hang your heads in shame you Robinsons, Dimblebys and Boultons.

And as for you Russell this what you want?

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