Monday, 30 May 2011

Geoff Thompson Trappist

Who is he? Good question. He is the Vice President Trappist member of FIFA from Chesterfield, England. He sits among the nest of vipers aka the FIFA Executive Committee. While all the turmoil and corruption claim and counter-claim fly hither and yon; while the leadership of the organisation descends into factional infighting; while it goes deeper and deeper into the mire what exactly has our representative said or done? 
He broke the news to the England 2018 Bid team of the humiliating first round exit with just one vote despite promises of 6. He has endorsed Blatter’s bid to stay in charge. 
Er....that’s it. 
The Executive Committee currently has 22 members - two of whom are temporarily suspended, two suspended and allegations are on the table about a further 6. That makes a total of 10. Those are the known allegations. Dig deep into FIFA ‘s past and many more emerge. The silence from Thompson on all of this has been deafening. He steps down from his UEFA position in June. His position as a FIFA executive member seems secure until the next World Cup. 

Or is it? Why should we put up with a Trappist stooge when men of proven probity and courage are required to clean up the cesspit that is FIFA?

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