Friday, 1 July 2011

Mealy-mouthed buggers

Who will support the workers, the poor and the dispossesed? The Tories? You have got to be having a laugh. The LibDems? Maybe once upon a time but now they have had a little taste of being in charge they are corrupted beyond salvation. NewLabour? Oh! You mean Torylite. The party that has travelled across the political spectrum from its birth with Keir Hardy to its demise under the Blair/Brown axis. For evidence consider the mealy-mouthed pusillanimous response to the Public Sector strike. Millibean claims the negotiations are meaningful on planet Westminster. Anyone with a grey cell knows they are a charade with certain key areas off-limits. So why does he and many of his colleagues dance to the Tory tune?
We expect Tories to support their friends in finance and corporate business. It is a symbiotic relationship. A mutual backscratching exercise to the detriment of almost everyone else. We did not expect the Labour Party to suck up to the same avaricious crew too. Now the LibDems are in on the act what is a voter to do?
Where are the alternative approaches which are thriving in Germany and in Scandinavia?
Why did they escape the worst of the banking crisis? Probably because they regulated the banks and have split investment banking (the casino part) from local business support. In Germany regional banks help local businesses to develop and thrive. 
Why is that so difficult here?

Why is Vince Cable still a Minister when he is seriously weakened and has little credibility or chance of sorting out the banks. Are the two issues connected?

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