Friday, 24 February 2012

It’s Chicken Counting Time
One mention of the Family Tsar in this blog and her wheels fly off. Emma Harrison, Cameron’s favourite businesswoman has a few urgent problems to deal with. She has just announced that she has also resigned as chair of her company A4e. Several of her director chums are entertaining the boys in blue too. Not a bad 48 hours for the role model - or her mentor. He don’t half pick ‘em. Remember Coulson?
It is a pity to leave the blog at such a time of ferment. Tories digging in to tough it out with the NHS - quite an ask. Lots of Tory voters not happy at the mess they are making. Watch this space for a sacrifice or two. 
Libdems meeting in early March to discuss the NHS. Activists may cause some problems for the gutless wonders/magnificent leaders. All they have to say to their partners in the ConDem Coalition is, “It wasn’t in the Manifesto --or Coalition Agreement - so stick it where the sun don’t shine.” 
Wankers still taking vast bonuses even though they make a loss. And still nothing is done. Meanwhile the poor get clobbered by slobberychops Osborne and his greedy chums. 
And as for Gove...and Maude......and *!*?*!! Lansley....
Time for a break. 

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