Tuesday, 21 February 2012

An open letter to the LibDems

  Why vote Liberal?
You have been in the Coalition for nearly two years. Are you happy with progress? As a LibDem politician do you share the feeling that you are being shafted by the Tories?
There is a passage in the Coalition Agreement, which seems to have been forgotten.

“The parties agree that tackling tax avoidance is essential for the new government, and that all efforts will be made to do so, including detailed development of Liberal Democrat proposals.” Coalition Agreement, May 2010
No mention of tackling tax avoidance or evasion in the Autumn Statement, indeed Osborne is cutting the number of tax inspectors by 12,000. In nearly two years  there has been no progress on one of the most divisive issues of our time. An issue that undermines any sense of fairness and justice.
Can you justify why it is the poorest who are being hit the hardest? Are you happy that the number of children in poverty has risen to 400,000? Do you think it is fair that the people who caused this mess keep paying themselves huge bonuses?
Do you also see the link between the lack of action on the financial sector and the fact that the Tory party is largely funded by the self-same bankers and financiers?
And then there is the dogs breakfast aka the National Health Service Reform Bill. Not in the Tories manifesto and not in yours either. Backbench Tory MPs are having their doubts because they are savvy enough to recognise the damage that will be done to their electoral prospects - either way. If they drop the Bill then they look weak and incompetent. Anathema to Cameron. Taking the other course of ploughing on regardless is fraught with huge risks. Something going horribly wrong in a ‘reformed’ hospital and they are going to pay through the ballot box. And so will you, if you do not show some bottle and independence of thought. This farrago is the Tories problem - why are you supporting them? 
Walk away and the Bill dies. 
Finally, information has emerged of the way Expenses Cheat Gove has plans to privatise education. He has a simple strategy. Create/force schools to become Academies outside local authority control. Encourage groups of Academies to collaborate within a private ‘for profit’ partnership. He has invited a Swedish company to begin the process. Several US companies are waiting in the wings. Was it in their manifesto? No. Was it in the Coalition Agreement? No. 
Do you still think ‘we are all in this together?’ As a former Liberal voter I am extremely concerned that the Tories will do their worst and the Liberals will take the blame. The party is going to be decimated at the next election. There is a chance that if you make a stand and stick up for the poor and vulnerable you may hang on to a few seats. But it is a slim chance. 
I did not vote Liberal at the last election to privatise medicine and education nor did I vote to reward the rich at the expense of the poor.
Yours Sincerely

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