Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Quaker Census Refusers
Over 750,000 people are alleged to have not completed their census forms. The authorities have used their infinite wisdom to select 120 for punishment. The chosen ones just happen to be Quakers. They were opposed to paying Lockheed Martin £150m for administering the census. And they have a point.
As a letter in yesterdays Guardian makes clear, “On the day we had to return our forms, Gaza was being bombed by Lockheed Martin F16s. As part of a group of Quaker Census Refusers, we feel completing the census form and so contributing £150m to the profits of Lockheed Martin, which won the census contract, is in direct opposition to our peace testimony which calls on us to refuse to engage in all preparation for all wars. Lockheed is the world’s largest arms maker, making cluster bombs, Trident and F16 warplanes.” Nailsworth Friends Meeting, Stroud, Guardian letters 31/1/12 
The accused, including many pensioners, are scheduled to be tried in Bristol on the 8th February. 
They are an example to us all and deserve our utmost respect. 

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