Monday, 13 February 2012

Where the Sun don’t shine
Trevor Kavanagh’s squeal of outrage about the intrusion into Sun journalists privacy was a delicious moment. Many ordinary citizens, not 15 minute celebs, just basic folk doing their everyday thing, who happen to become involved in something perceived as ‘sale-able’ have found their lives ruined by doorstepping journos. Their phones have been hacked, their relatives followed and their friends targeted for quotes. In some extreme cases it has brought the victims to suicide. Your moans will not find much currency with them or in fact anybody with a semblance of intelligence and a value system. 
So Mr ‘Precious’ Kavanagh, take a good long look at what your company has been up to and consider your hens, cocks and chickens are coming home to roost. The fact that it was your master, to whom you sold your soul, who has ordered ‘the draining of the swamp’ adds an extra frisson of joy to the whole affair.
The Met police were crap to begin with in this affair. If they are being a trifle too enthusiastic for your tastes so be it. 
It is to be hoped that they will scrutinise the dealings of our egregious leaders with News International with similar vigour. 

For those among you who believe that 'lessons have been learned' and that Murdoch's rags are now beacons of virtue are innocent fools. A study of the way Ed Milibean has been treated by them since he made it clear he was against the grovelling done by his former colleagues shows that they are still immensely nasty, biased and bullying. To hear one of their prime subjects whingeing across the airwaves has been a lesson in hypocrisy and chutzpah. These journos covered up evidence, destroyed evidence, lied to the Police and Parliament and bribed coppers and officials to obtain their headlines. A Scum Scoop begins in the gutter and swiftly heads into the sewer. They have been a blight on our democracy for far too long. If it takes extra coppers to put right what they singularly failed to do earlier - so be it.

Meanwhile Trevor - please stick your article where the Sun don’t shine.
Thank you.

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