Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Guantanamo: a stain on the US
It is rare indeed that the thoughts of Gerald Kauffman ring a bell. He is the MP for Gorton in Manchester, one of the poorest communities in the country. He submitted a bill for a £7000 tele to us the taxpayer (Expenses scandal) thereby establishing his right-on credentials. He has pomposity to spare and is an unlikeable chap. Yet his letter in today’s Guardian was short and very much to the point.
“The defendants at the Guantánamo trial are accused of abominable crimes, and the victims' families are understandably anguished. It should be remembered that in international law this is an illegal trial staged at an illegal venue by a lying president who has broken his promise to close the venue down.
Gerald Kaufman MP
Labour, Manchester Gorton”
Guantanamo is a stain on the name and reputation of the United States. 

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