Thursday, 31 May 2012

Benyon is a bounder

Benyon is a top toff. He is also a cad and appears to have used his position as wildlife minister to promote the shooting industry. Following his Buzzard fiasco he is now under the spotlight for a decision to drop an inquiry into the behaviour of another estate. Benyon owns a 20,000 acre estate.
“Benyon, the Wildlife minister, was under pressure last night to explain what influence he had on a decision to drop landmark legal proceedings against a grouse-shooting estate that was burning peatland in a conservation area.” Independent 30/5/12
It is becoming clearer and clearer thanks to Leveson that we are ruled by an elite who do not give a toss what lesser mortals think or value. They collude with each other and promote their own interests. Even long-standing Tory supporting papers like the Wail and Torygraph express their dismay and sometimes disgust at the incompetence and cronyism.
Benyon is a bounder but he is not alone.

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