Saturday, 12 May 2012

Rebekah Brooks - the flame-haired harpy

Brooks, sitting in the dock at the Leveson Inquiry, doing her best to look like Miss Purity, reflected an interesting approach from the News Corp team. Coached, briefed and drilled to cope with whatever Jay and Leveson threw at her, Brooks began with the ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ approach, simpering and smiling obsequiously. She thankfully left this behind when it was clear it had no effect on her inquisitors. 
Her memory was remarkably flawed for one so powerful. In this she follows a long line of powerful deniers who also have galloping dementia (Straw, Blair et al). What did emerge was a sorry picture of just how influential the malign Murdoch empire has been. The instances of pre-emptive cringing and kow-towing from senior politicians reflect very badly on the perpetrators. She also revealed more than she thought when she had ‘difficulty’ recalling how it came to be that Cameron ‘happened’ to turn up at one of their many yachts  in the Med.  
The release of yet another email placing the egregious Hunt in the firing line was a further bombshell for beleaguered Cameron and his inept colleagues. Hunt can deny all he likes. He either knew and was complicit and is therefore a crooked corrupt bastard or he didn’t know and he is therefore out of his depth and is not fit to run a department of state being such a stupid bastard.
As for Rebekah.....What a thoroughly nasty piece of work. It is no wonder so many MPs and Ministers adopted the Arslikhan (copyright Private Eye) approach to her and her cohorts. They knew very well what the outcome would be to take her and the Murdochs on. It is no coincidence that Cameron is getting a regular doing from his former chums because he bowed to massive public pressure and set up the Leveson Inquiry. All those Tory spokesjobs mouthing off about how good Cameron was to set up the Inquiry need to rewind a few months and remember the febrile atmosphere when the Millie Dowler hacking story broke. Cameron had no choice. He was in deep trouble.
Anyone who crossed the paper would be pressured into doing the Sun’s bidding e.g Balls the bully caving in to sack Sharon Shoesmith (over the Baby P case) and in the process ignoring established safeguards and having his decision castigated and overturned in the courts. 
But he was ok with the harpy. 
The brutalisation of our culture, the demeaning of our politicians and the corruption of our society are almost all down to the Murdoch Mafia with Rebekah acting as consigliere. 
After all, its only business.

As for the harpy we will see how she gets on with the criminal courts.....

Update 18th May
Having just been charged with perverting the course of justice, the harpy has launched an attack on the CPS QC who gave the go-ahead for charges to be brought. According to the Harpy, these charges have been made because the QC was reported in the tabloids as having an affair 5 years ago. Her legal team are challenging whether the QC was acting fairly. 
Having edited the Sun and the Screws, the harpy will have a good grounding in 'fairness'. 

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