Thursday, 24 May 2012

Stinky and stinkier

“A fish rots from the head” is an ancient saying of disputed provenance. No matter. It is apt today after watching the wriggling and squirming of Michel and Smith at Leveson. The latest in a long list of gobsmackers was the news that four weeks before he replaced Vince Cable, Hunt wrote an email to Cameron expressing support for News Corps bid for BSkyB. 
When the poo hit the fan a month ago this was conveniently ignored by Cameron. He knowingly replaced a prejudiced Minister to run a quasi-judicial role with another, equally but oppositely biased one. The odds on him not being leader at the next election were already plunging before this news. The Torygraph are particularly unhappy. They opposed the Murdoch hegemony so their journo's word processing skills have been ditched for axemanship.
The vast amounts of contacts between the department and Michel (acting on behalf of NewsCorp)are in themselves revealing. Ordinary folk do not have such access. Spivs, scoundrels, chancers and scumbags however can text, email or ring at any time. 
This affair is getting stinkier and stinkier. It began with an ‘off the record’ meeting between Thatcher and Murdoch back in 1981, only revealed in March this year. After this meeting she refused to refer his bid for the Times group to the Monopolies and Mergers Commission. Thanks to her support he gave her an easy ride through his rags in the eighties. It has clearly carried on till the present day.  
In other countries this sort of thing is called corruption.
Not sure if the Tories can spell it but they certainly smell of it.

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