Sunday, 13 January 2013

Corruption is alive and well and thriving in the UK

Just take this as your starter for 10.

What would you think if MPs and members of the House of Lords voted on issues which they themselves would benefit financially from? Would you think that this at best is highly suspect and looks dodgy? Or would you think that it is quite simply corruption practiced on a grand scale? 

For those who need some convincing of the latter try the following. It is culled from a variety of sources and put together by someone calling themselves :

In total 66 MPs have financial links to companies involved in private healthcare. Of them, 53 are Conservative MPs, 9 are Labour MPs, and 3 are Liberal Democrats, leaving 1 other from another party. This means, 79% of MPs with these links are Conservative.

The interests range in influence from donations made by individuals, shares in a company, or advisor to a company, owner, overseas visits and hospitality, and directorships.

These parliamentarians coupled with the 142 Lords with the same interests, make a total of 206 parliamentarians with financial links to companies involved in healthcare.

All of these public servants were allowed to vote on the Health and Social Care bill, helping it pass into Act.

Recent released research by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism has revealed 124 members of the House of Lords ‘benefit’ from the financial industry.”

Visit the site for a full list of the 66 MPs and 142 Lords. There are also some ex-MPs listed who have gone on to benefit from their former roles (Hewitt, Milburn, Clarke). 

Pass the sick bucket. 

All of this is in the open. It is not subtle or discrete. It is the blatant buying of a significant policy by those standing to profit from the changes. 


Very, very smelly. 

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