Friday, 11 January 2013

Privatisation of the NHS

Early day motion 773

Lies, damned lies and Tory lies. “The NHS is safe in our hands.” Oh Yeah. Over the last few months there has been a shift from public to private health taking place across England. Many of these private medical firms lobbied and sponsored Tory MPs, Advisers  and Ministers. Now its payback time. 

To make matters worse, every time we have trod this well-worn path in the past as good public services went to rapacious private companies, the classic defence against transparency was the weaselly cry, “Commercial confidentiality.” This protected several serious wrongdoers from scrutiny. It is deeply concerning that this will be used to sell-off the jewels in the NHS leaving the dross to be covered by the taxpayer. 

A final thought. It will be interesting to see what job Lansley gets when he leaves Parliament. Should he go anywhere near a private health company he should be thrown into jail for corruption. It didn’t happen to Patricia Hewitt so do not hold your breath. 

In the meantime encourage your MP to sign early day motion  773 set out below. 

Early day motion 773
Session: 2012-13
Date tabled: 26.11.2012

“That this House notes that the most significant development that has followed from the Government's healthcare reforms has been the 7 billion worth of new contracts being made available to the private health sector; further notes that at least five former advisers to the Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer are now working for lobbying firms with private healthcare clients; recalls the Prime Minister's own reported remarks prior to the general election when he described lobbying as `the next big scandal waiting to happen'; recognises the growing scandal of the procurement model that favours the private health sector over the NHS, by allowing private companies to hide behind commercial confidentiality and which compromises the best practice aspirations of the public sector;condemns the practice of revolving doors, whereby Government health advisers move to lucrative contracts in the private healthcare sector, especially at a time when the privatisation of the NHS is proceeding by stealth;is deeply concerned at the unfair advantages being handed to private healthcare companies; and demands that in future all private healthcare companies be subject to freedom of information requests under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 in the same way as existing NHS public sector organisations.”

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  1. Another excellent article Stuart. I will definitely lobby our MP Alan Reid....I will not hold my breath as he has never voted against his LibDum whip about healthcare as far as I know.