Monday, 28 January 2013

Up yours Leveson

Munching with Murdoch

The news that George Osborne and Boris Johnson attended a private dinner with the ‘dirty digger,’ aka Rupert Murdoch, last week should not come as a surprise to any sentient being. Gove too has recently been feasting at his masters table and Cameron had a lengthy conversation with Rebekah Brooks at a Christmas party. So its business as usual - or is it? 

There are now many, many cases and other related inquiries connected to the original phone-hacking inquiry with another arrest today of a Prison Officer. This follows the arrest last week of another senior Sun reporter. 

A little complication in the whole affair is that Boris Johnson is in charge of the Met Police. He is in a position to ‘influence’ the line an investigation will take. He may not need to do it overtly. There is nothing like a bit of self-preservation on the part of a senior cop who is ambitious and does not want to upset the boss......Don’t forget, this is the man who declared that complaints about phone hacking were, “politically motivated codswallop.”

Quite frankly this is yet one more example of how these Tory Bullingdon Boys (not you Gove, you little squit) treat the country as their personal fiefdom. They do not give a toss what we think. Cameron did not send all the email and text messages he sent Brooks to the Inquiry - - and what has happened? Bugger all. 

When Leveson was published we heard great claims from the government that we were entering into a new era of openness. Oh yeah. The truth is that promises to publish meetings between editors and Ministers or proprietors and ministers have not been kept. Off the record meetings have taken place without any minutes taken.

Last weeks dindins is just one more example of power being restored to the magnate. 

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