Saturday, 9 March 2013

Cameron and the ‘Magic Money Tree’

Someone somewhere writes, or at least vets, what the Prime Minister says in his speeches. A lot of attention has been made in the media of the public contradiction of Cameron’s assertions by the Office of Budget Responsibility (OBR) about his austerity policy. Not a lot has been made of his claim that, “There is no magic money tree.” 

Really? A toff born with a silver service in his mouth has to be a little cautious making such claims. He is a toff among toffs in his Cabinet. Many of whom are very familiar with the money tree.

As is the Bank of England  ---- who have their own version of the Magic Money Tree. It is called Quantative Easing, or printing vast amounts of money to give to banks so they can reward their gambling spivs with ever-increasing bonuses.

The spivs then put a small amount aside to donate money from the tree to the Tory Party to help them win elections. 

Nice one Dave! Your mates in the media didn't point out the bleedin' obvious.

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