Tuesday, 26 March 2013

‘Search and Rescue’ sold off to private US company.

“Heir to throne made redundant by Tory cuts”

A headline you will not see but one which would attract more odium on this appalling government wheeze. It is difficult to comprehend just how brainless this latest Tory privatisation is. Anyone in any doubt that the Tory’s mantra of private=good, public=bad had been shelved following several embarrassing revelations needs to think again. 

‘Theonearmedbadger’ had this to say in the Guardian Online this morning:

The military's tasking in the SAR role (for 60 years now) was the rescue & recovery of downed aircrew and support for military vessels at sea; the happy by-product of that was an air sea rescue service that rescues more than 1500 people each year, with aircrew who will fly in the most difficult of circumstances - remember the Boscastle disaster, where 150 people were plucked to safety.

In recent years the RN and RAF crews have been joined by the equally brave men & women of the Maritime Coastguard Agency, who have proved every bit as capable as their military counterparts (in the main they are ex-military). I'm sure (I hope) that the Bristow crews will be every bit as professional; but this is another extremely short-sighted proposal by one of the dimmest governments of all time, who look only to the short term gain & forget the investment for the future - the investment, in this case, being the loss of invaluable training for the military helicopter pilots. Yet again they've proved they know the cost of everything & the value of nothing.” 26/3/13

‘One of the dimmest governments of all time’  - spot on. 

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