Thursday, 7 March 2013

There Is No Alternative


So says our Prime Minister echoing Margaret Thatcher back in the 80’s. The governments recipe for getting the country out of the mess created by a rapacious financial sector is to continue rewarding those who created the mess while at the same time castigating the poor and the weak. The only country in Europe defending banker’s bonuses!

This shameful policy is challenged by Labour only in matters of speed and impact. Labour admit they too would cut - “but not quite at the same rate as the Tories.” They are hamstrung by their cosy relationship with PriceWaterhouseCoopers who subsidise the party, providing them with staff to help with financial matters. That PWC are in the business of making their clients even more mega-wealthy by the use of offshore tax haven schemes, devised by PWC is an unfortunate coincidence. 

And as for the Liberals? Having sold their souls to sit at the table, they are piffling about on the edge as they proclaim how they have curbed the coalition’s worst excesses. Oh yeah. 

So ‘There is no alternative’ then? Well probably for the duration of this benighted Parliament.

Meanwhile in the undergrowth there are stirrings. It was clearly the case at the Eastleigh by-election that the prevailing view was ‘a plague on all your houses.’ 

Watching fat cats become fatter, watching money that should have gone towards taxation squirreled away by giant corporations and watching organisations once held in high esteem, like the beeb, putting people onto self-employed status to avoid paying tax, is making the vast majority of folk in the UK very angry. Very, very angry. 

The money currently heading offshore would be more than enough to restore balance to the books. But our bubble dwellers do not mention it - because they say ‘There Is No Alternative.’ 

But there is. 

Inform.    Organise.  Mobilise.

And then at the 
next election....

Throw them out!

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