Friday, 15 March 2013

What does Cameron actually stand for?

Anyone for a party in a brewery?

Remember ‘Greenest Government ever’ --- well that didn’t last long.

How about ‘there will be no top down re-organisation of the NHS’ ––– or 

Privatising the forests –––––  or 

Non-existent pasties on Leeds station? ––– or

Minimum price for alcohol? He spoke so well on that one too ------ or Leveson!

How the victims of hacking were in the forefront of his thoughts ---- and all the promises he made to the Dowlers and others......and how he said there would be transparency.....this before he entered a series of ‘off the record, un-minuted meetings with various editors - particularly Paul ‘vagina monologues’ Dacre and friends from the Times and the tabloids’ ---and before he summarily walked out of the cross-party talks on Leveson. This led to members of the Hacked Off Campaign being shown the door by embarrassed civil servants mid-meeting. 

Did he discuss any of these issues when he had his deep and lengthy chat with Rebekah Brooks at a Christmas party - or was he begging her not to drop him in it? In exchange for what? 

With a background in PR, Cameron comes across as plausible, but over time the veneer wears thin. The flip-flops on policy - leaving his Ministers with egg on their faces and taking the blame. Not good for Cabinet morale that. Or loyalty as recent events have proved. Add his habit of overdoing the hyperbole, managing to bring the Office of Budget Responsibility out of their box.

He is as slippery as a lubricated eel. No-one knows what he stands for - apart from being in power and being PM. 

He has said in the past that his role model was Tony Blair. 

Says all you need to know about him. 

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