Monday, 10 June 2013

Corporate Whores

Hidden among the torrent of news and speculation about the NSA and its monitoring menace was the news that Cameron, Osborne and BALLS! Yes! Bloody BALLS – attended the Bilderberg meeting in sunny Watford.

This was a strictly off the record meeting. Three public servants, for that is what they are, paid for by us, attend a secret meeting of the most influential CEO’s and Financial cheeses in the world. No civil servants in attendance, no minutes, no record of any kind. So who are these corporate whores really working for?

Corporate whore Cameron emerged to offer blandishments about the amount of surveillance taking place and to reassure the plebs. Corporate whore Hague had been on the media over the weekend offering patronising bilge along similar lines - if you have done nothing wrong you have nothing to fear. Er, not quite Mr Hague. 

Corporate whore “Rockets’ Riffkind, who also claims more cash for chairing the Commons Security Committee, has also been on the media offering similar platitudes. No mention did he make of being paid thousands every year to promote the arms and security industry. Odd that. His senior colleague Yeo is in the mire for doing similar.... 

This afternoon, Corporate whore Hague reassured mainly supine MPs that GCHQ is working under laws and policies. Whose laws and whose policies? He said that any claims to the contrary are ‘baseless’ but without giving any evidence to back up his assertion. We are expected to trust a corporate whore from a government and Parliament of corporate whores. 

Corporate whore Osborne will soon be publishing his financial review. No doubt the poorest and most vulnerable will be expected to pay more than their share so Osborne’s Bilderberg chums can continue with their tax-free existence.

And when Osborne speaks in the Commons he will be opposed by Corporate whore Balls – who will engage in sham outrage while knowing that he would have done exactly the same. 

A reminder why all this matters.

We're supposed to know virtually everything about what they (government) do: that's why they're called public servants. They're supposed to know virtually nothing about what we do: that's why we're called private individuals.
This dynamic - the hallmark of a healthy and free society - has been radically reversed. Now, they know everything about what we do, and are constantly building systems to know more. Meanwhile, we know less and less about what they do, as they build walls of secrecy behind which they function. That's the imbalance that needs to come to an end.Glen Greenwald

Having Corporate whores in charge is bad for democracy. What do these sleazeballs really think? Are they expressing honestly held views or are they in the pockets of the wealthy elite. Our security services seem to work for the same elite via our government. 

There are  the odd very brave exceptions like Edward Snowden. 

And as for the hoi polloi? 
There, there, don’t you worry your pretty little heads about it - concentrate on “The Voice’ and which celeb is falling out of their clothes this week...” 

For Cameron, Osborne and Balls to attend the secret Bilderberg meeting is really taking the piss. It shows the contempt they hold us in.

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