Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Lies, damned liars, surveillance and the next election.

Shock! Horror! It looks like ’14 pints’ Hague may well have been less than frank when he spoke to Parliament a fortnight ago. The cad was being ‘economical with the actualite.’ 
Since he went through the motions in front of a largely supine Commons more and more information about the extent of state snooping has emerged. The juxtaposition of the undercover cops saga and the blanket surveillance from GCHQ and NSA have woken many more citizens up to what is being done in their name.

“It looks as if William Hague may have misled parliament a fortnight ago. He claimed that "to intercept the content of any individual's communications in the UK requires a warrant signed personally by me, the home secretary, or by another secretary of state".
We now discover that these ministers can also issue general certificates, renewed every six months, which permit mass interception of the kind that GCHQ has been conducting. Among the certificates issued to GCHQ is a "global" one authorising all its operations, including the trawling of up to 600m phone calls and 39m gigabytes of electronic information a day. A million ministers, signing all day, couldn't keep up with that.” Monbiot, Guardian 25/6/13

Also today we find out that Andrew Lansley - another shining beacon of truth and honour - is accused by a whistleblower of telling lies about trying to get her sacked from the Care Quality Commission. He joins a long list of liars and deceivers in the current government. Iain Duncan Smith was recently admonished in the strongest terms by the office of statistics for not being truthful with his facts and figures. Grant Schapps, the Walter Mittyish Minister for porkie pies has a very chequered relationship with the truth. Osborne has lots of form for saying one thing and doing the opposite. Boris (‘the saviour,’ Johnson, according to some Tory swivel-eyed loons) also has considerable form from making quotes up, to lying about - and to the PM – not to mention the complexities of his personal life. 

They are all still in post. None have been sacked. And we are not even beginning to look at the myriad financial scandals and corporate whoring...... 

So what happens now? Having woken up it is beholden on all citizens concerned about the future of our democracy to get off our arses and do something about it.

  • Accept that this is serious and that we cannot rely on our self-serving elite to do anything about it.

  • Take to the streets and protest.

  • Vote Green - they at least are onside.

  • Keep going - it is time for a ‘radical spasm’ to get rid of these parasites.

There are 97 weeks until the next election - not a lot of time to organise and deliver a bunch of candidates committed to cleaning up the corruption. 

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