Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Steve Bell nails it.

Anyone wondering why not one banker or financial wizard has seen the inside of a cell? There is talk of a new law to do with reckless banking. Like the hacking scandal, laws already exist. Selling something you know to be worthless is fraud. Claiming you have more assets than you have so that gullible folk will invest in your company is also fraud. There are other technical malfeasances. It is five years since the crash. Steal a bottle of water and get 6 months. Destroy the economy and get a bonus. 

Imagine the mood of the nation on the morning after the story of the manipulation of the Libor rate broke (another fraud) if the airwaves were full of pictures of shocked bankers and traders being carted off in Black Marias. All nicely kept apart and persuaded to grass each other up before they had a chance to flee to their tax exile haven. 

And who was it who was in charge at the Bank of England while all this rampant greed and criminality continued unabated? Step forward Lord King, a smug useless piece of ordure. 

He is on his way to the House of Lords to join the other crooks and corporate whores pretending to show concern for the rest of us. 

Thank you to Steve Bell for nailing the bastard.

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