Tuesday, 18 June 2013

So Now We Know

Anyone left wondering why only the Guardian was making such a fuss about the Snowden revelations should wonder no more. The government (the same government who are intended to be ‘the most transparent ever’ prop D. Cameron) issued a D-Notice which effectively muzzles compliant editors and journalists. These ‘are issued by the MOD when ‘National Security’ is perceived to be at risk.’ [Trans: these are mainly issued when some little shit has leaked something highly embarrassing to the chaps in charge].

Just like the all-embracing SuperInjunction, the media are not supposed to even mention the existence of a D-Notice. Thanks to the Guardian for breaking the rule although they really will be in the doghouse for this. Probably end up being excluded from the Whitehall lie-fest masquerading as press-conferences. Shouldn’t bother them too much so long as they keep getting their hands on the real news.

The BBC continues to struggle to assert its independence. The NSA/GCHQ issue has been mentioned briefly in radio bulletins and in paper reviews. No in-depth analysis. Now we know why. All the people who regularly claim the Beeb is home to lots of lefties continue to bark at the moon. Little Willy Hague was on the ‘Today’ programme yesterday talking about the G8 Summit in N. Ireland. The revelations about GCHQ bugging the last big summit held on these shores were very fresh and apposite to the current situation. A good moment for either ‘grand inquisitor’ Humphreys or Naughtie to grill the Foreign Secretary – for it is he who authorises such bugging. Even though it was done under the last lot he could at the very least have been asked for re-assurances that the N.I. Summit was to be bug-free. 

Not a word. Not even a hint. 

We will soon be back to the days when a journalist asks a Minister, ‘What would you like to tell the people about today sir?’

Stephen Glover of the Daily Wail for one would approve. He has written that the Guardian are traitors for revealing what is really going on in our name. Can he actually believe what he has written or is he an establishment stooge?

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