Friday, 6 September 2013

G20: who is really pulling the strings?

The latest revelations from Snowden are truly astonishing and chilling. It is now clear that NSA and GCHQ can gain access to your bank details and your health records.

Just think about that for a second or two. 

The implications are profound and threaten the existence of democracies around the world. 

Why so you say?

If the spooks can find out bank details and health records for us oiks – then they can also find out the bank details and health records for our ‘leaders.’ And our opinion formers and columnists. And our police chiefs. And Judges. And Generals and and and.

It was a shock when the Bolivian premier's plane was forced to land in Vienna on the rumour that Snowden was on board. 

Who or what could possibly have ‘persuaded’ France and  Austria to co-operate?

How about a menacing phone call to several leaders that NSA/GCHQ knew about their peccadilloes.... and their offshore bank accounts..... and that the spooks have a couple of tame journalists lined up to spill the beans.....

It is not such a shock now.

Even today when the latest revelations have been alive for over 20 hours it is astonishing to see just how quiet our media are. The BBC mentioned it on their noon Radio 4 news bulletin but it did not feature on the flagship World at One. Or on the 2.00 pm and 2.30pm Radio 5 bulletins. Odd that. 

They covered the G20 fiasco at some length - without bringing into focus what was going on behind the scenes. How many of the rulers present at the G20 knew they had been tapped – and had some really dirty washing they did not want out in the public? How many news directors/editors received a phone call or text today from a spook warning them of certain ‘consequences?’ 

Most of our ruling class are venal and shallow. They will do anything to stay in power. They are easy meat. They cannot be trusted whether it is Bankers, the NHS, the economy, Syria or more especially security.

The scale of what is going on is breathtaking. So far the response has been limited and muted. 

It is time to turn up the volume. 

Image courtesy of Liberty - an organisation well worth supporting.

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