Monday, 16 September 2013

OFSTED : an arm of Government

As Captain Clueless cements his position with the Liberal Democlots and the media wax lyrical about coalition government and how wonderful it is, there exists a different tale in the real world. Thanks to Blair, who introduced Academies into an already confused education system - just like he opened the door for private companies in the NHS - we have a Secretary of State for Education who is using his powers to impose academy status on all manner of schools. Gove is a Murdoch minion - a professional groveller who loves himself to bits. Good schools are suddenly being told they are in ‘special measures’ which then sets in train a process towards academy status. Ofsted are being used to implement government policy. Ofsted are above the law. Any statements they make can be challenged but there is no real right of appeal. An ex-Ofsted inspector admitted the work is done before they arrive as they scrutinise the documents sent by the school. They come to a judgement before the visit and then look for evidence when they turn up. No open minds here. They were even told they did not have to see a lesson.

Back in Democlot heaven, Clueless is assuring his faithful that all is well with the world and thanks to them, the government is pursuing a Democlot agenda. Oh yeah.

NHS privatisation would not have gone through without the clots.

Benefits attacks on the disabled would not have happened without the clots.

The ‘bedroom tax’ (for that is what it is) would not have gone through without the clots. 

Tax cuts for the richest ditto

Erosion of civil liberties ditto

Creation of secret courts ditto

Making our country even more unfair ditto

Making our country nastier ditto

Now this,  Ofsted being used to privatise  state schools DITTO

For the record some Academies are doing well. Hand-picking their students on entry (a charge levvied against Ofsted Supremo Wilshaw when he was a head) and producing ‘good results’ based on a very limited set of criteria. 

Others are doing very poorly - not to mention those run by fundamentalists of several faiths and others are downright crap. We do not hear enough about those schools because they do not fit the agenda. 

‘Remember that the DfE is headed by a run-of-the-mill journalist with no discernible expertise in anything other than being a twat, with his second in command being an expenses fraudster.’ TheGreatRonRafferty Guardian online 16/9/13

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