Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Grant Shapps (or is it Michael Green?) in a tizzy.

The identity crisis MP and Tory Chairman was on Radio 4 this morning saying he was very unhappy. So unhappy, he was going to write to the secretary general of the UN to complain about what a UN official had said about the Tory’s beloved ‘bedroom tax.’ 

He was especially unhappy about her calling it the ‘bedroom tax’ when its official title is the ‘spare room subsidy’ policy. She quite rightly said that it had been called ‘bedroom tax’ by all the people she had met when investigating whether it was unfair.

“Ms Rolnik told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that she had received "hundreds of testimonies" and said there was a "danger of a retrogression in the right to adequate housing" in the UK.

She cited examples of disabled people, or grandmothers who were carers, and said the measure seemed to have been designed "without the human component in mind".
She said her recommendation was "that it should be suspended" to allow time to better assess the human rights implications, and so it could be redesigned.” BBC Online 11/9/13

Fair comment,  any reasonable human being may think. 

Mr Shapps though was really unhappy:

“Mr Shapps, responding to her comments on Today, said that she had not been invited by ministers and "she has clearly come with an agenda".
He thought the  Report is "biased and one sided"
"That is why I am writing to the secretary general today to ask for an apology and an investigation as to how this came about."
He also said that she came from a country, Brazil, "that has 50m people in inadequate housing".

The subtext of his splenetic outburst seemed to be, ‘How dare this poor person from a country that is almost third world come over here and tell us that my government is not truly wonderful?’ 

Shapps aka Green aka Fox is not what he seems. He has had an identity crisis for many years.

According to Wikipedia:

'Shapps has founded a number of businesses, sometimes under pseudonyms. He has been photographed as 'Michael Green', a self-help guru and has used other pseudonyms including 'Sebastian Fox'. He has reportedly said that his use of a pseudonym was to keep his business separate from his political work and said in October 2012 that he had stopped using the alter-egos "a long time ago".
In 2004 Shapps attended an internet conference posing as 'multimillion-dollar web marketer' Michael Green. In 2006, using the same pseudonym, he gave a tour of the Houses of Parliament to his business partners.
Another instance of Shapps pretending to be someone else occurred during the Ealing Southall by-election in 2007. A comment was made under a YouTube video made by the Liberal Democrat party purporting to be from a party member. The comment urged Liberal Democrat supporters to admit defeat and praised the Conservative Party. But the comment was made by the YouTube account belonging to Grant Shapps, leading website Liberal Democrat Voice to conclude Shapps was attempting to misrepresent himself as a Liberal Democrat but had forgotten to sign out of his account before making the comment.

In September 2012 it was reported in the Daily Mail that campaign leaflets published on behalf of Shapps when he was standing for election in North Southwark and Bermondsey stated he was born in London, while those published after he won his Welwyn Hatfield seat claimed he was born in Hertfordshire. A Conservative Party spokesman said: "Grant lived in London at the time and this was a genuine mistake in the literature that was later corrected."
Also during September 2012 The Guardian reported that Shapps had been surreptitiously editing his Wikipedia biography, removing a list of "unfortunate gaffes", details of his school qualifications (it was said this was done because the Wikipedia article originally incorrectly listed him as having four instead of five O levels) and the identity of financial donors to his private office.

Further confirming his association with misrepresentation of his own and other peoples' identities, in April 2013 Shapps was caught lending his image to a Conservative Party website article presenting a found photograph of Australian students as young Conservative Party volunteers.

Shapps's publications include How To Bounce Back From Recession (2010), a self-help book sold through HowToCorp and written under the pseudonym Michael Green.

In 2012, it was discovered that the Shapps' HowToCorp Internet company was selling software, TrafficPaymaster, that violated Google's policies by "spinning and scraping" of content from other people's websites, a practice also used at the time by criminal organisations to increase the ranking of their malware infested websites in search engines such as Google. Due to the plagiarism of other people's content, use of the software by any of the Shapps' clients could constitute a violation of copyright in many jurisdictions thus putting them at risk of breaking the law. A spokesman for Shapps stated, "Grant Shapps derives no income, dividends, or other income from this business, which is run by his wife Belinda," on the basis that the ownership of the company was transferred into his wife's name in 2008.'

Well! What a rum how-do-you-do.

To whom will the secretary-general reply with a politely worded, elegantly phrased rebuttal? Shapps? Green? Fox? Swivel-eyed loon?

Or spiv?

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