Saturday, 21 September 2013

Judge them by their deeds Chapter 35

Little Willy Hague has been at it again. ‘He who has done nothing wrong has nothing to fear’ was his way of not looking at the Snowden revelations. Remember the week before the tories botched their route to another war, it was Hague who banged the war drum most loudly and most often. He invoked ‘tyranny’ and ‘freedom’ among other inspirational words in his desire to be seen as a player on the world stage.

It now emerges that the same Little Willy signed off arms exports to several countries with dubious human rights records, just as he did last year when some arms went to the Syrian regime that he now condemns. Apparently we even sent Syria the ingredients to make Sarin - the gas used in the chemical attacks. 

Other two-faced forked tongue merchants of death are Defence Secretary Philip Hammond, International Development Secretary Justine Greening and not forgetting  Business Secretary Vince Cable. Yes readers - it is true, sadly the venerable Vince is a two-faced twin forked slimeball like the rest. 

Little Willy has done plenty wrong - let us all hope he has plenty to fear.

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