Friday, 25 October 2013

35 World Leaders

Hands up all those of you who think there are many, many more world leaders than 35 being bugged. The memo revealing what went on was dated 2006. That was seven years ago. Plenty of time for the spooks to complete their Spookermon set. 

Bush was President. 
His best mate Blair was Prime Minister. 
Brown took over in 2007 and Cameron in 2010. 
It was admitted today by a spook that Cameron had been bugged “but not deliberately.” He had been talking to another world leader who was being bugged so Cameron was recorded indirectly. So that is alright then. 
What about Brown? 
And Blair? That would be truly weird considering how far up Bush’s backside he was. 

Talking of Cameron, it was noticeable just how quiet his arrival at the EU Summit was. The principle representative from ‘Slippery, Slithery and Slidey & Co’ (aka the UK Government), was on very dodgy ground. As he marched steadfastly into the conference he must have been very aware that the one-way street known as the ‘Special Relationship’ was about to bite him on the bum. All that co-operation between GCHQ and NSA. All those precious secrets which have helped our corporations steal a march on their competitors been so vital in the war on terror. So vital in fact, that we cannot possibly disclose anything about it for fear of compromising national security. Harrumph. [Telegraph readers can insert a few more ‘harrumphs’ in here.]

Another significant change with the ‘Merkel Moment’ has been the reference to Snowden as a ‘whistleblower’ by BBC security correspondent, Frank Gardiner. Quite a shift.

GCHQ has even been mentioned too. 

Whatever next? Riffkind admitting to being on GCHQ’s payroll? Straw confessing he was involved in the rendition of innocent people? 

The Daily Heil admitting it was wrong to accuse the Guardian of treason? Naaah, that really is pushing it. 

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