Thursday, 31 October 2013

Gove in bed with Murdoch.

The malignancy that is Murdoch has crawled back into the daylight. Just as Voldemort needed his fawning acolytes to do his foul bidding, so does the Dirty Digger. Among the higher echelons of the Tory party there are only too many willing and eager to do the Digger’s bidding. Step forward Michael Gove. 

“Gove responded to the recent one-day strike by teachers by going to Boston on one of his frequent fact-finding trips to learn from US schools policy. The highpoint was the keynote speech he gave to the annual conference of the Foundation for Excellence in Education, a ‘reform’ charity founded by Jeb Bush, brother of former US President George ‘Dubya”. The event was funded by Rupert Murdoch’s online education firm, Amplify, a regular supporter of Bush events.

Amplify wants to replace trained teachers with online material supplied by Murdoch’s News Corp; but its computer systems have already failed in some schools. Nevertheless  it is still well connected – not least to Gove. Before the hacking scandal broke, Murdoch and his staff, including Amplify boss Joel Klein, had regular meetings with the education secretary to discuss setting up News International schools in the UK.....

.....Other sponsors of the conference at which Gove spoke included ‘K-12’, a US company that replaces state schools with ‘virtual’ schools, where pupils don’t see teachers but sit at a computer either at home or in a lab. How long before Gove proposes cyber schools in the UK?” Private Eye No. 1352

On a brighter note, the revelations currently pouring out of the Old Bailey may do their bit to remind even Tory scum like Gove, Cameron and Hunt, that brand Murdoch is still a tad too toxic to be seen to close to at present. 

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