Thursday, 17 October 2013

David ‘The most open and transparent government ever’ Cameron

                                                              Thanks to Steve Bell for his perception.

The bag of wind masquerading as a Prime minister has been unhappy to learn about the extent of state snooping and he wants to act. He wants the Guardian silenced and hey presto - problem gone. 

So rather than being ‘open’ and ‘transparent’ he wants to put the lid on what our security services are getting up to – in our name and using our money. It is now absolutely clear that our political elite have not got a clue about the scale and impact of what the spooks are up to. The news that Brazil are developing their own internal government communications system should act as a wake-up call. It also shows why Cameron is wrong. The impetus to allow light in will come not only from citizens in the UK but also from overseas pressure. 

We have sleepwalked into a surveilance state with barely a whimper. The shenanigans over ex-Chief Whip Mitchell revealed to our elite what a lot of us already knew. Senior cops were all over the airwaves yesterday talking about integrity and trust. 

Spying on the Lawrence family, 
Undercover cops having babies with women they were monitoring, 
Undercover cops acting as agent provocateurs
Special Branch colluding with the building industry blacklist, 
Unaccountable deaths in custody,..................
......................... says all you need to know about modern policing. 


What trust?

Need more convincing?

National police unit monitors 9,000 'domestic extremists'
Officers familiar with workings of unit indicate that many of campaigners listed on database have no criminal record
A national police unit that uses undercover officers to spy on political groups is currently monitoring almost 9,000 people it has deemed "domestic extremists".
The National Domestic Extremism Unit is using surveillance techniques to monitor campaigners who are listed on the secret database, details of which have been disclosed to the Guardian after a freedom of information request.
A total of 8,931 individuals "have their own record" on a database kept by the unit, for which the Metropolitan police is the lead force. It currently uses surveillance techniques, including undercover police, paid informants and intercepts, against political campaigners from across the spectrum.
Senior officers familiar with the workings of the unit have indicated to the Guardian that many of the campaigners listed on the database have no criminal record.
As as Scotland Yard was battling to contain the fallout over the activities of a former undercover police officer who was asked to dig for "dirt" that would undermine the Stephen Lawrence campaign, evidence emerged that the main witness to his murder was also targeted.” 
Thanks to John_Northants at Guardian online

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