Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A Merkel Moment

The Guardian ploughed a lone furrow for many months over the phone hacking story. The Murdoch press rubbished the story, as did The Heil and the rest of Fleet Street. Then came the Millie Dowler moment and the world changed. 

Well the same may have just happened again only this time over the Snowden revelations. All this week there have been more releases and damning evidence;-
  • Mexican President and his senior colleagues 
  • 70 million French people having their calls and texts recorded
  • Turkish delegation to G20 bugged

And as usual the news has been released by the Guardian to a deathly hush with odd exceptions. Tonight came the news that Angela Merkel, who by some way is the most eminent politician in Europe, has rung Obama to complain about her mobile phone being bugged.

Is this a Merkel moment? Is History repeating itself. Are the Guardian, despite the worst efforts of swivel-eyed Torys about to be vindicated? 

Well it did make the main item in the 7.00pm news tonight on the BBC.

And that marks a big change. 

The story of spooks bugging their own civilian population has always resonated so much more with the German people. They still retain some memories of the Gestapo and almost half the country have even fresher memories of the Stasi. They know what it means to have all your conversations and actions recorded.

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