Sunday, 15 June 2014

British Values

Following his spat with Mrs May over extremists and how to deal with them Gove demands that schools teach 'British Values'

Would those include:
Rewarding bankers while robbing the poor?
Encouraging corporations and multi-nationals to avail themselves of our lax taxation regime while telling us exactly the opposite. 
Selling off the NHS despite promising 'no top down reorganisation'?
Putting spikes in the ground by posh flats to stop the homeless sleeping  there? 
Letting 'Free Schools' (- what a misnomer - they are not 'Free' - we pay for them out of taxation) - become madrasas? 
Running our democracy like a posh boys club? 
Lying about the reasons to go to war, making up stuff to justify said decision then walking away from any sense of accountability or responsibility as the aftermath degenerates to horrific levels?
Saying “If you have done nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear” while all our emails, texts and phones are monitored by GCHQ and NSA.
Claiming tolerance as a virtue while practicing policies which are intolerant of immigrants, migrants and asylum seekers. 

Tolerance is the wrong word - as noted on the News Quiz, it should be ‘accepting’ or even better ‘embracing.’ Think of the favourite food of the UK - curry!

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