Thursday, 5 June 2014

The Catholic Church - an Evil Empire

A mass grave found in Nigeria, Bosnia or Syria would result in the news media of the world covering the story. There would be calls for the guilty parties to be held to account.
So why the silence about the mass grave found in a septic tank in Ireland? 
Why ignore yet more evidence of the Catholic Church behaving in a profoundly evil way? Does the most evil organisation currently operating in the world still have sufficient clout to ‘persuade’ news organisations to tread softly? 
Read the following and weep.
“The bodies of 796 children, between the ages of two days and nine years old, have been found in a disused sewage tank in Tuam, County Galway. They died between 1925 and 1961 in a mother and baby home under the care of the Bon Secours nuns.
Locals have known about the grave since 1975, when two little boys, playing, broke apart the concrete slab covering it and discovered a tomb filled with small skeletons. A parish priest said prayers at the site, and it was sealed once more, the number of bodies below unknown, their names forgotten.
The Tuam historian Catherine Corless discovered the extent of the mass grave when she requested records of children's deaths in the home. The registrar in Galway gave her almost 800. Shocked, she checked 100 of these against graveyard burials, and found only one little boy who had been returned to a family plot. The vast majority of the children's remains, it seemed, were in the septic tank…..
..A health board report from 1944 on the Tuam home describes emaciated, potbellied children, mentally unwell mothers and appalling overcrowding. But, as Corless points out, this was no different to other homes in Ireland. They all had the same mentality: that these women and children should be punished.” Emer O’Toole Guardian 4/6/14
What has become clear was how implicated the Irish government were. These homes were operating across Ireland. The Catholic Church was all powerful. There are many, many more mass graves waiting to be uncovered.
“..what is the difference between the wall of lies, denial and secrecy the church constructed to protect its paedophile priests and a concrete slab over the bodies of 796 children neglected to death by nuns? Good people unearth these evil truths, but the church always survives.” ibid.
One reaction on the comment board sums it up:
“Absolutely horrific. And this is the same Catholic church that is always banging on about the importance of children, parenthood and family life? Enabling paedophiles to run amok and throwing the bodies of dead babies into septic tanks.
Shameful. Utterly, utterly shameful.” moretsu

“Do not say Catholic prayers over these dead children. Don't insult those who were in life despised and abused by you. Instead, tell us where the rest of the bodies are.” Emer O’Toole

More sickening revelations.
Any nuns left from that era would be in their 70's and 80's now.
But let's not forget that mere old age is no bar to nazi war criminals being put on trial. I'd love to see some of the Catholic Church being put in the dock for this.” JonAustin

The Catholic Church share a ‘lucky’ trait with the bankers. No matter what they do and how badly they behave, no-one goes to jail. 

It is time for that to change. 

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