Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The Housing Bubble and ‘Top’ Tories

“Chris Grayling rejects EU commission call to halt housing bubble by building more homes and reforming council tax.” Guardian 4/6/14

Can this be the same Chris Grayling who got us - the taxpayer - to pay for a flat in London when he already owned three which he rented out?

It is. 

As a property developer he must feel the property bubble is very good for his bank balance mustn’t he?


Is it the same Chris Grayling who is another millionaire in a Cabinet full of them? 

It is. 

Is it the same Chris Grayling who is Minister for Justice?

It is. Mmmm.

Would there be any of his colleagues who benefited from second home swapping revealed in the Expenses Scandal?

There would. Most senior people in the Commons used this device to build themselves a nice little earner. At our expense.

Any bad examples?

Try Frances Maude - Minister for Probity (Ha Bloody Ha). He has the brass neck to lecture us about honesty The Telegraph said this about him when they exposed the Expenses scandal: 

“Francis Maude claimed almost £35,000 in two years for mortgage interest payments on a London flat – even though he already owned a house just a few hundred yards away.

The minister for the Cabinet Office and Paymaster general owned the house outright, but in 2006 took out a £345,000 mortgage on the flat no more than a minute’s walk away, which he designated his second home. He then rented out the house and began claiming mortgage interest payments on the flat which is in a grade II-listed building with a gym and 24-hour concierge.”

How do these greedy bastards get away with it?

You tell me. 

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