Tuesday, 3 June 2014


Fit For F All
The governing body of world football has been run as a private gravy train for many years. Most of the executives voted on to the ruling body regard it as their opportunity to become really wealthy. Whether this is to the detriment of their national organisation or the game at large is of little consequence to these thieves and chancers. 

The revelations in the Sunday Times are nothing new. Andrew Jennings has been mining a rich seam for many years exposing the skullduggery and blatant abuse of power by those at the top of this rotten organisation. Check out his ‘Transparency in Sport’ blog. Anyone with at least two brain cells knows that FIFA is a deeply corrupt organisation with a history of bribery, back-handers and bare-faced thievery going back many years. 

BBC Panorama - with Jennings as the ‘Investigative Reporter’ exposed the deals done with TV rights and the way money was laundered around the world using a ‘bagman’ to take FIFA Executives their rewards. This was screened many years ago. Very little of substance has changed as the latest revelations show. The ‘News’ element of the beeb has done its bit to expose the scams. BBC Sport on the other hand have been craven in their desire not to lose access to these creeps. They should be ashamed - deeply ashamed.

So what is to be done? 

  • The Swiss could do more to clamp down on the blatant illegality happening under their noses. 
  • The football world could walk away from FIFA and set up a rival organisation which is transparent and fair. The World Cup offers an excellent opportunity for decent people to get their heads together and come up with an attractive alternative. Think Kerry Packer. 
  • The TV companies - in concert with the advertisers - could do a lot more to pressure FIFA to clean up its act.
  • Every time one of these corrupt bastards lands at an international airport he should receive in-depth scrutiny including checking every item of baggage. Nail the bagmen who travel round the world rewarding corruption. 
  • As soon as Blatter gets up to speak at the opening ceremony of the World Cup, he should be showered with abuse. Everywhere he and his team of fellow fiddlers go they should be met with hostility.

FIFA = Federation of Idiots, Fraudsters and Arseholes

             Fit Ideally For Arsholes

             Football Is Fiddled Always

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