Sunday, 24 January 2010

Is your MP a ‘sock sucker?’

How to find out if your MP is a sock sucker.
Go to ‘’ and put in your postcode or the name of your MP. Click on their voting record and follow the links from there. It is quite likely that your MP will be a sock sucker as so-called rebels in all parties are clearly in the minority. While you are there check out their expenses claims and outside business interests.

The House of Commons has plenty of sock suckers. They will cheerfully act as lobby fodder and do their party’s bidding. They dismiss rebels as, ‘the usual suspects’, which marginalises them. They have sat on their backsides as the reputation of Parliament has plummeted.  They harrumph and bluster over their expenses – quoting rules, which they subscribed to.

We need a lot less sock suckers. We need a lot more honest and independent thinkers. 

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