Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Prick That Bubble!

Draft Candidate Checklist

Our Parliament is rotten and our country is struggling. A clearout of all those who have brought us to this parlous state is a matter of urgency. Many MP’s have already decided to step down at the coming election – some jumping before they are pushed. It is estimated that the turnover of MP’s at the next election will be the highest since 1945. Therefore there are going to be a lot of new MP’s.
It is vital that we do not end up with the same old bunch of greasy pole climbers from the political class who exist in a bubble disconnected with our world. If we are to rebuild democracy and restore hope, justice and opportunity to the electorate then we will need to elect decent, honest, hard-working and fair–minded candidates who have a moral compass.
Finding out where candidates stand on the following issues may help clarify our thinking. 

Proposed Candidate Checklist
  1)         I believe absolutely in, ‘government of the people, by the people, for the people.’
  2)         I support the wide-ranging and thorough reform of Parliament and the House of           Commons.*
 3)   I support the practice of having no other paid employment while I am an MP.
 4)  I will put the needs of the country above the needs of my party.
5) I will put the needs of my constituents above the needs of my party.
6)  I support the ‘recall’ proposal.
7)   I support an elected second chamber.
8)   I understand that the reputation of Parliament is very low – I will do all I can to reconnect with voters.
9)   I support complete transparency regarding my expenses
*Does this need setting out in some detail? In a separate document?

There may be others that you can think of.  The statements may need to be redrafted. Either way, please let me know by using the ‘comments’ link at the bottom of the page. It is planned to circulate a final version of this checklist before the election to as many people as possible. Thank you for your help.


  1. I think 'reforms' should be clarified. a) to help the thinking of the voter and b) to guage the comittment of the candidate

  2. I also feel the "Reform" suggestion should be clarified further. I think it's important to receive an indication of what other key issues the candidate supports in a personal context. It would be easy for a "prospective" to tick all the right boxes re the above , but have some real crack-pot views on something else!!!