Saturday, 23 January 2010

Sock sucker

We have a Mr C Tevez from Argentina, to thank for adding to life’s rich lexicon. A mere typo away from obscenity, ‘sock sucker’ fits in nicely with old favourites like ‘creep,’ ‘crawler,’ ‘boot-licker’ and Mr R. Slicker of ‘Private Eye’ fame.
My MP is a sock sucker.
Although quite good at constituency business such as opening fetes and acting as the victim in mountain rescue practices he has been a disaster for us, the people.  He regularly attends the House of Commons and writes and receives an above-average number of questions and receives an above-average number of answers from Ministers.
So in the light of this why has he been such a letdown? A study of his voting record as listed in ‘They Work for’ is informative:

Strongly For:                                                    Against:
ID Cards                                                             Transparency of Parliament
Iraq War                                                             Enquiry into Iraq War
Replacing Trident                                           Strengthening Freedom of Information
42 Day Detention (supported 90 days)
Use of Control Orders
Detention without trial
Tuition Fees (despite not being in manifesto)

He has been described as a ‘most loyal’ party member ( and analysis of his record shows that he has supported all of New Labour’s more controversial ‘big issue’ policies. Many of these involved the considerable erosion of hard-won civil liberties.

He follows the party line.
He puts his party first.
He is a sock sucker. 

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