Monday, 25 January 2010

Now dear reader – Reminder - it is time to do your bit.

As ex-PM Blair makes his way to the Chilcot Inquiry it is well to remember that this man did not just lead the country into war. Oh Noooo! He also established a property empire (estimated by some sources to be worth £14 million) by flipping his properties. And then all of his expense records were destroyed when he stepped down as PM. Fancy that!

What a shining example to all those other sleazy ‘right honourables’ who have milked the system to the full.

If you have strong feelings about MPs' expenses - here is your chance to have your say.  

Professor Sir Ian Kennedy, chairman of IPSA (Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority) wants to know what we think about MP’s expenses. 

He says that he will give as much weight to what we the public think as to what MP’s think. Issues to be resolved include:
·          Second Home  (do you think they should have one?)
·          Office and Admin Costs
·          Travel expenses
·          Relocation (money paid when an MP leaves Parliament)
·          Employing members of their family

Click on the link (below) to complete the online questionnaire. It took me about 15 minutes . There are spaces where you can add your own ideas or give reasons for your views. You can download the full consultation document if you wish and then respond by writing to the Parliamentary Standards Authority (PSA)
Deadline Feb 11. 

Steel House
11 Tothill Street
One issue that is not mentioned and is worth thinking about is the amount of time Parliament is in recess. Just how many weeks should an MP get as an annual holiday and how much time should they spend in their constituencies ?

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