Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Cameron: PR and yet more PR
The ability to put a favourable gloss on a problem; to present the best possible image and to appear in control when the evidence is contradictory are all the hallmarks of a PR approach to an issue. Some would call it spin and spinning. In a serious situation it looks shallow and reveals the spinner for what they are - smooth talking, vacuous and lacking comprehension. Cameron to a T.
Examine the location of Cameron’s  ‘fightback’ speech. In his leafy constituency of Witney, in a youth club, in front of several youngsters rounded up by Cameron’s minders. Why not Tottenham? Why not Hackney? Too risky mate - they may get bolshy and that would look bad on the news. Among the more ridiculous of his targets were Health and Safety rules! Another was Human Rights. Yeah right. Nothing about Bankers, spiv financiers, Murdoch or greedy MPs.
Just as in the Murdoch Hacking farrago, Cameron has been behind the plot. He has lost his vaunted touch for saying the right thing and establishing a tone (like his mentor Tony Blair). 
He looks just what he is - an ex PR man who has risen way above his ability. He has been described as a second-hand Jaguar salesman from the Home Counties. Would you buy a car from him?
What does ‘hug a hoodie’ Cameron actually believe in? 
As the child said, pointing at a politician, “Mummy, what is that man for?”

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