Wednesday, 24 August 2011

IPCC or not IPCC
Yet again the so-called ‘independent’ police complaints commission has done its duty - by the men in blue. Yet again the complaint has been partly upheld but has fallen outside the time limit for criminal action. Bless. Fancy that, it just took soooo long to establish the facts. 
Do they take us for fools? Video footage of a man with cerebral palsy being dragged from his wheelchair and clubbed with a baton appalled most but left those familiar with the Met unsurprised. Why has it taken 8 months to find out that something was wrong? Do they not have access to the same footage as the rest of us?
Or are they as pathetic as the supine Press Complaints bunch, “Whitewash is our middle name.” 
Whether it is the death of Ian Tomlinson or Jean Charles Jimenez (plus many others who ‘die in custody’) no-one gets charged. That is the nub of it in a nutshell. People die in police custody or as the result of police actions - and no-one gets charged. It is wrong.
Independent my arse. Should be renamed “I’m Partial Clearing Coppers.”

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