Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The Met, the Riots and our leaders.
What a year! A Royal wedding with pre-emptive arrests from the Met. No lefty troublemakers there. Then several demonstrations and strikes against the cuts. Bankers still claiming massive bonuses. Hackwatch exploded with the Milly Dowler story. (Are News International paying all these youths to take the heat off them - just a thought?) And then ‘rioting’ or ‘theft and looting’ turn up to add to ward off any chance of boredom. 
Judging by the reports coming from the front line wherever rioters/looters are hitting it appears that many are along for the ride. Among those arrested are some mature citizens who have adopted Fagin’s mantle with ease and pleasure. Allocating which shops to rob and where to park the nights gains demands a degree of organisation. Thanks to Blackberry and its encoded messaging service this is very easy in 2011.
As for the Met? What a terrible year for the nation’s premier force. Bribery, corruption and incompetence. Images of heavily clad coppers standing by as buildings burn and shops are ransacked do not go down well with the citizenry. It is all very well killing unarmed and innocent men but when it comes to tackling an angry mob of mainly schoolchildren - now that is a different level altogether squire. 
Citizens would not have been impressed by the garbage spouted by Theresa May on the Today programme this morning. Last night was the third night that the Met had lost control of the streets and her principal response was to see what the police thought about things. 
Meanwhile PR Dave was on his way (after putting on his undies outside his trousers) to save the western world from the barbarian hordes. What power these young hooligans must feel after a lifetime of being ignored and sacrificed to the great god cuts. Politicians scurrying hither and yon to appear to be in control of events. The huff and puffometer has gone into meltdown.
What a delight it was among the general despair to hear lightweight Clegg and giant ego Boris get a rough time from concerned Londoners. 
Communities are starting to organise themselves to defend their neighbourhoods. Many will recognise some of the youngsters involved and tell them to piss off back home double quick. 
How many of the parents know where the fruit of their loins were last night? Do they care or are they out of their depth too?
Meanwhile the financial sector is in meltdown. The spivs and sharks otherwise known as brokers, bankers and financiers are pooping themselves. 
It may even cost them a bonus or two.

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