Thursday, 11 August 2011

Gove is a hypocritical toerag - and so are Cameron, Johnson and Osborne!
Judge them by their deeds - not their words. A letter in today’s Guardian by Jon Bloomfield made the following very telling point about Michael Gove. He had quite a ding-dong with Harriet Harman on Newsnight  and expressed disgust at her ‘relativising’ the issues involved in the recent riots and looting. This is the same Michael Gove who in the expenses scandal had to repay £7000 for posh furniture bought illegally. He paid back the money and continued with his job. Would he welcome all those who stole designer trainers and laptops to act as he did and return them? Would he prefer them to do as he did or should he belatedly own up to his own white collar theft and step down from hypocrisy central?
And what about our dear chums, Osborne, Cameron and Johnson? All former members of the notorious Bullingdon Club. They liked to trash restaurants and generally create mayhem on a regular basis. However there was a significant difference between them and the low life who have looted and burned. They had money - loads of money. So they paid off their victims and silenced criticism with wodges of cash. Something that is not available to the great majority of the citizenry in the UK.
To hear them pontificating is an exercise in satire almost beyond comprehension. ‘Only Connect’ is a great piece of advice. Pity they are immune to connecting, remote as they are, in their comfortable towers.
Hypocritical bastards.

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