Friday, 19 August 2011

Prison overcrowding
It seems the penny is beginning to drop. Continuing to lock up thousands of looters and rioters will put a huge strain on the Prison Service. It is a serious problem as so many of our politicians are so keen to tell us. 
There is a solution. Lock them up in the Houses of Parliament. They would be in superb company.
There could be the Michael Gove wing for offences around £7,000; the Hazel Blears Wing for those around the £13,000 mark; and the Winterton wing for all the married couples way over £20,000. This would unfortunately get very crowded - not with looters - but with hypocritical, self-serving lowlifes masquerading as public servants. Are you listening Cooper/Balls? Then there is the House of Lords...
All those hardened criminals who ‘robbed’ £3-50 could be put up on the benches - it is all they are going to get if their housing is removed. 

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