Friday, 1 June 2012

Cameron and Hunt

Oh dear! Call Me Dave is not having the best of times. His decision not to refer Hunt to the independent advisor on the ministerial code has bought some time but little else. Among the further revelations at Leveson yesterday was the involvement of slobberychops Osborne in the Murdoch machinations. Cameron and his chums were not only close to the Murdoch empire, they were acting as lubricants to smooth their acquisition of BSkyB.
An impartial observer reflecting on the timeline of the events of the 21st December - the day the news about Vince Cable’s entrapment emerged, would think that replacing one biased Minister with another, equally biased but opposite, was a bad idea. Such is the arrogance and venality of our ruling elite. They had no idea then that their cosy arrangements would be exposed by the Millie Dowler revelations. 
They are still struggling to catch up.
When the expenses scandal broke, Cameron gained credit for taking control of matters unlike Brown who had to be brought up to speed. In this matter, as with so many recently, his judgement is in doubt. There are even articles doubting his intelligence and ability in Tory papers. 
There is another view. Cameron is to appear at Leveson in June. Emails and texts will be published. All the time he is attempting to govern the country there is a constant refrain  in his head muttering, “You are going to get found out, you are going to get found out.......”

Thanks to Steve Bell (Guardian) and Blower (Telegraph)

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