Wednesday, 15 August 2012

First Rate Sports - Fifth Rate politicians

Never has the gulf between the good people of this country and the arrogant incompetent self-serving fools calling themselves our politicians been so exposed. 

The remarkable selflessness, enthusiasm and downright decency of the volunteers who helped make the Games so special for the thousands of visitors and athletes showed the heart of our country is alive and well. The performances of our sportsmen and women were a cause for celebration. Unfortunately the actions of our rulers in contrast continue to remind us just how badly we are governed. 

The fatuous remarks about competitive sports in schools by our PR Premier were once again at odds with the actions of his cabinet colleagues. As he spoke, regulations were being changed by the odious creep (OC) Gove to allow schools to sell off some of their playing fields. These sales could of course go to developers who just happen to contribute to Tory funds. The ‘Minister for Murdoch’ (Hunt) took umbrage when a Daily Telegraph journalist challenged him on the muddle at the centre of government policy, preferring instead to berate the hack rather than answer the question. 

All of this follows on from dumping the School Sports Partnership, which for a relatively small cost of £160 million a year was bringing expert coaching into (particularly) primary schools. All this talk of ‘legacy’ is so much hogwash. Yes, there will be funding for the elite sports but where are those superstars of the future supposed to come from if the broad base at grassroots levels struggles for funding and facilities? When are our elite going to recognise that obesity and unhealthy unfitness are becoming epidemic in ‘team GB’? PR Dave had the luxury of five different world class playing fields at Eton to further his development. Compare and contrast that with the lot of so many youngsters in inner city schools. 

There is far more to taking part in sport than winning as Sir Steve Redgrave has pointed out so pertinently today. The health and future well-being of our nation’s young is at stake. 

As the coalition of the damned crumbles and fractures before us, the decent people of this country will once again have their chance to throw out these egregious bubble-dwelling buffoons and put in their place citizens of the calibre, decency and spirit of the volunteers. 

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