Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Politics of envy or feed the greedy?

Listening to dimwit Clegg’s latest wheeze to try to avoid electoral meltdown - or termination of his position at the LibDem conference next month - provoked the Tories into synthetic fury. Shame really because the idea that the rich should pay more to reduce the deficit is sound but not when it comes from opportunity Clegg.

The inherently greedy Tories can be relied upon to support trickle down - one of the great myths of the Thatcher years. They are also very happy for the wealthy to put their money out of reach of the taxman. Cameron’s dad made a fortune helping the the wealthy to do just that. They have nationalised debt and privatised profit so that bankers and financiers who were responsible for the economic mess continue to enjoy vast salaries and go unpunished. 

As for the poor? They can bally well sod off. Whingeing scroungers. 

Remember, 90% of the proposed cuts are still ‘in the pipeline.’ 

Also what a terific idea to get ATOS to sponsor the Paralympics! Allying a company dedicated to reducing the living standards and healthcare of disabled and severely ill to games promoting inclusion takes some chutzpah. Add a despicable campaign to denigrate the disabled in the popular media so that incidents of vicious and vile attacks on the weakest and most vulnerable in our society have massively increased. 

Who to trust? A would-be fat cat Tory condemning the ‘politics of envy?’ Or someone from the front line of austerity Britain who could do with some fairness and equity?

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