Monday, 27 August 2012

GCSE English

What has happened with this years English results is nothing short of a disgrace. Those fortunate to be entered in January needed to reach 56% to attain a Grade C. Their colleagues who sat the exam in June had to attain 66%. This change of pass mark occurred at the last moment. Experienced teachers who are very savvy at gauging the progress of their charges were shocked ....and then angry. 

As English is included in the 5 or more GCSE’s at C and above assessment of a school’s performance, the consequences for many borderline institutions are serious. Heads and senior staff can be sacked and replaced (if sufficient fools can be found) . The school could be placed in special measures, which includes being turned into an Academy.

The Academy can then be ‘organised’ into a ‘partnership’ run by a private company.

Anyone suggesting that this move is a step towards the increasing privatisation of State Education is clearly a cynic who ought to get out a copy of the Gove Bible out and pray for forgiveness. 

Then again,  maybe not...

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