Friday, 31 August 2012

Mitt Romney is a Mormon

One ‘M’ away from a moron, Romney portrays himself as the man who will put America back to work. He has vowed to create 12 million jobs. As a very wealthy tax-avoider he is in a position to know. Outsourcing several thousand jobs to the far east from the companies he bought, brought him increased wealth. How many of the 12 million jobs would be in call centres or crap food joints, part-time and very poorly paid?

He is also a Mormon. So what? Try this from Christopher Hitchens.

“The founder of the church, one Joseph Smith, was a fraud and conjurer well known to the authorities of upstate New York. He claimed to have been shown some gold plates on which a new revelation was inscribed in no known language. He then qualified as the sole translator of this language. (The entire story is related in Fawn Brodie’s biography, No Man Knows My History. It seems that we can add, to sausages and laws, churches as a phenomenon that is not pleasant to watch at the manufacturing stage. Edmund Wilson wrote that it was powerfully shocking to see Brodie as she exposed a religion that was a whole-cloth fabrication.) On his later forays into the chartless wilderness, there to play the role of Moses to his followers (who were permitted and even encouraged in plural marriage, so as to go forth and mass-produce little Mormons), Smith also announced that he wanted to be known as the Prophet Muhammad of North America, with the fearsome slogan: “Either al-Koran or the Sword.” He levied war against his fellow citizens, and against the federal government....

...The Mormons apparently believe that Jesus will return in Missouri rather than Armageddon: I wouldn’t care to bet on the likelihood of either. In the meanwhile, though, we are fully entitled to ask Mitt Romney about the forces that influenced his political formation and—since he comes from a dynasty of his church, and spent much of his boyhood and manhood first as a missionary and then as a senior lay official—it is safe to assume that the influence is not small. Unless he is to succeed in his dreary plan to borrow from the playbook of his pain-in-the-ass predecessor Michael Dukakis, and make this an election about "competence not ideology," he should be asked to defend and explain himself, and his voluntary membership in one of the most egregious groups operating on American soil.”

Should a belief in mumbo-jumbo make a person unelectable for the most powerful position on earth? In a rational country Romney would have been left on the start line. The US is currently not a rational place and the Republican party are the apotheosis of irrationality. 

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