Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Olympic ‘legacy’

Yet more insulting fatuous claptrap from the mouth of ‘Call Me Dave.’ This time about getting teachers to improve sporting competition in schools. This is to be done above and beyond adapting to Gove’s latest wheezes. A commenter called ‘Temulkar’ writing on the Guardians online Comment is Free section nailed it.

Meanwhile in the real world of Education. EMA killed off, School Building programme killed off, School Sports partnerships killed off, SEN budgets cut, EAL budgets cut, G+T budget cut, PE requirements killed off, Millions wasted on non accountable schools, unqualified teachers allowed to teach, class sizes rising, teachers leaving the profession in droves an ongoing crisis in recruitment, Parents and governing bodies ignored by the Department for Education, exams devalued, schools for profit to be introduced, health food program dropped, vending machines introduced, NC increased, Phonics for reading instead of a mixed approach, 1 million NEETS and the highest Youth unemployment since records began.
But every school got a bible which despite being a masterpiece of the English language purported to be the word of God that every school in the country already had a copy of, it was felt a foreword by the Education Secretary would be a good addition to alleged divine word.
Anyone who cares about the youth of this nation should be utterly dismayed and disgusted by the governments record in Education. The lies arrogance and deceit that are peddled by Gove and Cameron about our schools, teachers and pupils deserve nothing but contempt.. It has been done all with one goal in mind, not to improve the health wellbeing and Educational aspiration and standards of our children but to put the education of the nations young in the hands of profit making companies.
There is nothing the coalition have done that is as horrifying a betrayal of the British people as the policy they are pursuing in Education. Worse than the NHS or any other scandal, the theft of Educational Aspiration in this country is a crime of utter evil.”

Call Me Dave has achieved something quite remarkable - for all his vaunted PR skills he is  increasingly seen as deeply shallow ( a wonderful oxymoron) and quite stupid. Nasty and ruthless too, but unable to see that unlike the majority of tory voters, most decent people judge his government of fools and knaves by what they have done, not what they have said.  

An American commentator said on radio 5 today that for the legacy to have any impact, things needed to be in place well before the games began. Poncing about in a team GB tracksuit and desperately hoping for reflected glory will not be any replacement for all the cuts in school sports. 

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